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BTC Europe GmbH is the pan-European technically competent distributor of speciality chemicals for small and medium sized customers.

BTC‘s in–depth industry knowledge is the basis for tailor-made solutions for our customers in terms of profitability and quality.

Our high-quality range of more than 5.000 speciality chemicals combined with our local expertise helps our customers to achieve the decisive advantage.

BTC stands for expertise

The BTC team is professional, competent and well-trained with deep industry and application knowledge. Customers benefit from single personal contact, professional service, short delivery times, flexibility and creativity when it comes to meeting their requirements.

H3i 2016 in Birmingham, UK, from March 8th to 9th

Visit us on the H3i 2016 from March 8th to 9th.

Lumina® Royal: Brilliant blue for plastics and paints

A bold pigment can be a strong incentive to buy. However, colours frequently lose their chroma different effect pigments are mixed during production. In contrast, Lumina® Royal Blue and Aqua are the most intense effect pigments in the blue colour space currently available on the market. And blue has always been a colour that has enticed mankind to dream.

Electronic invoices - An advantage for everyone

In this digital age, printing out documents is often no longer necessary. BTC Europe also lets you choose whether to receive your invoices electronically from now on. This service is free of charge, makes your job easier and also helps the environment.

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Liquid Mono Doses - Small and Efficient

In order to save time for household tasks, consumers expect effective and convenient laundry detergents. Liquid mono doses are a response to these consumer needs.