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Sicopal® Red K 3050 FK

New high performance red opens design options

New high performance red

  • Innovative inorganic pigment
  • Novel C.I. Pigment Red 290
  • Outstanding heat and weather resistance at all concentrations
  • Excellent chemical stability
  • EH&S friendly

Expand your design options

  • Most attractive inorganic red
  • Highly reliable formulation partner, even in shading concentrations
  • For most demanding processes including high heat EPL’s
  • Suitable for outdoor pastel shades

Meeting industry needs for better performing and more chromatic pigments, BASF Colors & Effects launches Sicopal® Red K 3050 FK, a breakthrough in inorganic red pigments (C.I. Pigment Red 290).

  • Outstanding heat and chemical resistance
  • Excellent performance in PVC and PO as well as high heat resins like PA, PPA, PSU, PPS...
  • First choice for long lasting PVC outdoor thanks to superior durability even in light tints (iron free)
  • Opens up the red color space vs. state of art
  • Ideal formulating partner to create more chromatic, durable red shades alone or in combination with high performance organic pigments, inorganic pigments or dyes

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