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Additives > light stabilizers (HALS and UV-absorbers) for automotive & industrial coatings

Ultraviolet light can initiate chemical reactions in polymers which result in their breakdown and loss of their chemical and physical properties. BTC’s light stabilizers (HALS and UV-absorbers) for automotive & industrial coatings protect polymers from degradation.

The key classes of light stabilizer are typically described as either ultraviolet light absorbers (UVAs) or hindered amine (or amide) light stabilizers (HALS). Those two classes are often combined in formulations to provide a level of stability which is higher than what would be achieved by using either type alone. Such combinations are widely and effectively used in automobile finishes, car polishes and industrial paints.




The Tinuvin® range of light stabilizers provides effective protection against UV absorption for automotive & industrial coatings for both interior and exterior coating applications.
BTC’s Irganox® performance additives are used as antioxidants for automotive & industrial coatings.
Hindered phenolic (primary AO) deactivate free radicals formed during thermal oxidation. They are multipurpose for broad temperature ranges and are mostly used to increase long term thermal stability.
Irgafos® is used as an antioxidant for automotive & industrial coatings.
Phosphite (secondary AO) decompose peroxides formed during the autooxidation process to extend the performance of primary AO.
The optical brightner Tinopal® OB CO benzoxazole is used for white, pastel-tone paints and clear coats.