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Chemical intermediates > for the adhesives industry

Chemical intermediates for UV adhesives

These functional vinyl monomers can be used in the more demanding adhesives. With high reactivity and exceptional quality and lot-to-lot consistency, they are the best choice for a wide range of coatings applications as reactive diluents for radiation curing, as monomer for polymerization and as a cross-linking monomer.
Vinyl monomers are specialty products based on acetylene chemistry (REPPE) and in UV adhesives they reduce the viscosity and improve cure speed and the conversion.

ProductsProperties & applications
N-Vinyl-pyrrolidone (NVP)
N-Vinyl-caprolactam (NVC)
Liquid NVC (LNVC)
Dodecyl vinyl Ether (DDVE)
Triethylenglycol divinyl Ether (DVE-3)
1,4 Cyclohexanedimethanol divinyl Ether (CHDM-di)
Hydroxybutyl vinyl Ether (HBVE)
1,4 Cyclohexanedimethanol  mono vinyl Ether (CHDM-mono)
UV release silicon-based coatings
Stereo lithography
Cationic UV adhesives
Baxxodur® EC 252 (cycloaliphatic amines)Used as curing agent with moisture and temperature resistance
Baxxodur® EC 201 (cycloaliphatic amines)Used as curing agent with high strength, moisture and temperature resistance
Baxxodur® EC 301 (polyether amines)Used as curing agent with good toughness and flexibility and excellent adhesion
Baxxodur® EC 310 (polyether amines)Used as curing agent with excellent adhesion and good flexibility
Baxxodur® EC 311 (polyether amines)Used as curing agent with excellent flexibility and high peel strength

Polycaprolactones for adhesives

ProductsProperties & applications
Capromer® (polycaprolactones)Polycaprolactones are used as synthetic building blocks to enhance the properties of the adhesives so that the finished products meet the most demanding requirements.
Capromer® are frequently used as soft segments in the production of aqueous PU dispersions, providing good temperature resistance and hydrolytic stability next to very good adhesive properties. They are equally used to produce solvent-based PU adhesives enabling developers to formulate high-solids adhesives with controlled pot-life.
  • Textile adhesives
  • Leather adhesives
  • Laminated packaging