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Optical brightners > for laundry detergents

Textile whitening additives are used in laundry formulations to enhance the whiteness of the washed textile. The textile material, like cotton, wool, linen, silk or synthetics like mainly polyamide, polyester or polyacrylonitrile, are not completely white, rather they can show a yellowing after certain washing cycles. Premium laundry formulations often contain optical brighteners to cross-fade this simply by a fluorescening effect.

Tinopal® grades from BTC are optical brighteners for laundry detergent formulations. They are used in home care formulations and in On Premise Laundry (OPL) formulations.

Brands optical brighteners


Properties of Tinopal® optical brighteners

Tinopal® grades belong to the group of Fluorescent Whitening Agents - FWA. FWA products absorb UV-light and re-emit it as visible blue fluorescence light. Thus the whiteness of a substrate is increased and the yellowish appearance of natural fibres is compensated.

  • Brilliant white effects on textiles.
  • Free flowing, easy-to-handle granules.
  • Available for liquid laundry formulations and for classical solid (powder) laundry formulations.
  • Easy to formulate in all kind of detergent formulations.
  • Dosage level is between 0, 5 and 3.5% depending on the formulation type.
  • High chemical stability even under harsh conditions which means high alkalinity and the presence of bleach even with chlorine.

Applications of Tinopal® optical brighteners

  • Used in laundry formulations with the aim to enhance the whiteness of wash textiles.
  • Grades are either liquid in form of a suspension or solid with a uniform particle distribution.
  • Equally suitable for incorporation in conventional or compact washing powders, liquid detergents, and industrial detergents, detergent bars, washing cream, after rinse softener, soaps and boosters.