BTC offers for the zinc, zinc-alloy and tin plating process various products under the brand Lugalvan®.
BTC’s Lugalvan® types are used in

  • alkaline cyanide zinc plating,
  • alkaline non-cyanide zinc plating,
  • acidic ammonium zinc plating,
  • acidic non-ammonium zinc plating processes.
LUGALVAN ANA 30042706 offer
LUGALVAN BNO 12 30042708 offer
LUGALVAN BPC 48 30042711 offer
Chemical Description:
LUGALVAN DC 30042710 offer
Chemical Description:
LUGALVAN G 15000 30042723 offer
LUGALVAN G 35 30042724 offer
LUGALVAN HS 1000 30050765 offer
Chemical Description:
Thiodiglycol ethoxylate
LUGALVAN IMZ 30042728 offer
LUGALVAN IZE 30125953 offer
LUGALVAN NES 30042716 offer
LUGALVAN P 30235598 offer
Chemical Description:
Polymer of a quaternary ammonium salt in water
LUGALVAN SOR 30661193 offer
Chemical Description:
Aqueous alkylpolyglycoside