Welcome to the BTC Europe ChemShop

The BTC Europe ChemShop is an easy to use online shop designed for our customers to purchase online via desktop pc or smartphone app. It covers the entire BTC Europe product portfolio and provides a state-of-the-art user experience to our customers.

The ChemShop is an innovative e-commerce solution focusing on simplifying the order creation process on customer side. It is available for iOS and Android devices as well as desktop application.

Main Features

  • Access to product information including
  • document download
  • “Price engine” to show individual prices per article
  • Delivery date to combine shipments
  • Barcode scan function for smart order entry (smartphone app exclusive)
  • Easy and fast product search
  • Favorite list
  • Order history incl. current article price for easy reorder process
  • Order number entry
  • Order acknowledge e-mail function to share order information with customers, account managers and customer service agents

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the BTC ChemShop?

The BTC ChemShop is a lean and easy to use online shop solution for our customers to purchase our products online and on the go.

2. What is the product scope of the BTC ChemShop?

BTC's ChemShop provides a product portfolio which includes over 6,000 high-quality specialty chemicals from BASF. Our products are incorporated into a wide variety of applications.

3. What are the benefits of the BTC ChemShop?

Customers using the shop benefit from a variety of features:

  • Individual prices per article
  • Delivery Date to combine shipments
  • Barcode Scan function for smart order entry (for the mobile device)
  • Easy and fast product search
  • Favorite list
  • Order History incl. current article price for easy reorder process
  • Order Number entry
  • 24 hour orders - 7 days a week
  • Download Center

4. How you can I get access to the BTC ChemShop?

a) The App can be downloaded in Google Play Store and iTunes App Store.

b) The link to the browser application is tbd.

c) The registration process is as follows:

  • After opening the BTC ChemShop application... 
  • Click on “Register” button
  • Type in email
  • For BTC customers:
  1. Generate password
  2. You get an email with activation link
  • For new customers:
  1. Use the registration form 
  2. Account will be created within 48 hours
  3. Receiving of registration - confirmation email 
  4. Generate password
  5. You get an email with activation link
  6. You can Login 

5. Can I change my data in the web shop?

No. Customers can request a new password but cannot change the company partner addresses. For further changes or adjustments, please contact your respective sales representative.

6. Does BTC Europe offer one log-in for each company or for each contact?

Each contact will have its own log-in. 


7. What is the technical basis of the BTC ChemShop?

It is responsive User Interface design for Multi-Platform-Support.
The supported devices are: Smartphone & Tablet and PC (browser application).

  • Multi Language Support (Release 1: English = default, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Italian, Swedish, Danish, Polish, Czech, Slovak)
  • Offline option

8. Who do I contact in case I need support?

In case of technical issues please get in touch with our contact service desk:

•    Hotline: +49 (0)6221 3929175
•    Email: btc-customer-support@insinno.de



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