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Acrylate specialties: Pioneering products now available from BTC

Whether you are developing new product properties or looking for support with product solutions, Acrylate specialties can help. This chemistry provides you a building block to achieve more attractive, durable and efficient. They impress with a wide range of possible applications and variable properties.

Construction coatings, vehicle paints, adhesives: examples of the wide range of applications

  • In construction coatings, Acrylate specialties enable outstanding chemical resistance even in challenging weather conditions. The molecules also improve the wet adhesion of dispersions on various surfaces.
  • Using Acrylate specialties in car paints makes them more resistant to scratches.
  • In adhesives, Acrylate specialties ensure outstanding bonding that enhances the mechanical properties and chemical resistance of the adhesive layer.

These are just three examples from the diverse range of applications for this chemistry. Talk to your local BTC contact to find out whether Acrylate specialties are suitable for use in your industry.

Outstanding properties

Acrylate specialties offer a huge range of both applications and individual properties:

  • Reactivity
  • Low viscosity
  • High purity
  • Thermostability
  • Polarity

BTC is enhancing its portfolio of high-quality products with the addition of Acrylate specialties which comply with REACH regulations. Benefit from the expertise of both BTC and BASF – Europe’s most significant chemicals manufacturer.  

Our expert

Juan Tortosa has worked for BTC since 2011. Having been a specialist in paints and printing inks for many years, he supervises the Iberia region and plays a leading role in Europe as a whole. Tortosa began his career with an apprenticeship as a chemist and gained extensive experience in sales, always predominantly with responsibility for Europe. “Finding connections between products has always been an attractive aspect of technical sales for me,” he says. One stage of Tortosa's career was a four-year stint for BASF in the Netherlands, where he was European Head of Sales responsible for special binding agents and additives in the printing inks industry, industrial coatings and floor coatings, among other fields.

You can find additional information about Acrylate specialties from BTC in the Specialty Monomers brochure and in the Specialty Monomers Data Sheet in the Download Centre. You can also contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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