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Agricultural industry: All additives from a single source

Feeding the world's fast-growing population in the future will take a huge improvement in the agricultural sector's yield and efficiency, as land that can be used for farming is usually limited. The only way to do this is to use highly- effective crop protection products, fertilizers and treated seeds – and BTC’s additives are particularly well-suited to producing them. The use in agriculture in particular shows that a wide range of different chemical additives is often needed.

Easy to use: The new brochure for formulators

To present this wide variety in a clear and simple manner, we have compiled a brochure containing all our additives for the agricultural industry – from wetting agents and defoamers to polymers, dyes, oils and waxes. “Our goal is to provide producers of crop protection products, fertilizers and seeds with all the additives they need from a single source,” explains Dirk Kinzel, Marketing and Sales Manager at BTC. “As the sales company of BASF, we enjoy the advantage of having a huge range of additives at our disposal, which have been developed by BASF based on their decades of experience.”

Crop protection to boost yields and quality

BTC offers a large product portfolio – ranging from solvents and dispersing agents to emulsifiers, trace elements and colour pigments – specifically tailored to formulators in the field of crop protection products. Colour pigments are also offered in an organic form and are used to dye crop protection products for identification or marketing.

Seed treatment – Clear colour coding

It is especially important to prevent seeds treated with crop production products from being accidentally used as animal feed or in food preparation. The seeds are dyed after treatment to rule out any possibility of confusion. BTC offers the necessary additives that meet all requirements and statutory regulations for use in agricultural applications.

Fertilizers increase crop efficiency

Plants need not only sunlight and water to grow, but also nitrogen and other chemical substances. However, the soil only contains limited quantities of these substances, so fertilizers are indispensable to improve yields in the long term.

Additives for ornamental and other cultivated plants

Incidentally, BTC’s additives can also be used to ensure optimum plant growth outside agricultural applications. Examples include forestry, landscaping and use in ornamental gardens.

Our expert

Dirk Kinzel started his career at BASF in 1992 with a dual apprenticeship programme as an economic assistant, during which he gained international experience in the Polyamide Sales department. He has been Sales and Marketing Manager at BTC since 2011. Dirk explains his passion for the sector: “I have been interested in chemistry ever since I was little. It is found in everything we create and surrounds us every day.” 

You can find additional information about our products for the agricultural industry and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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