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Arlypon® TT

Arlypon® TT is a high performance thickening agent suitable for a widespread use in all surfactant-based personal care products. It perfectly combines the benefits of micellar and associative thickeners to ensure an optimum viscosity of the cleansing formulation. It is compatible with all surfactant types and very effective even at low concentrations.

Advanced Solution for Challenging Formulations

Arlypon® TT tames surfactant systems that present a thickening challenge: either completely free of sulfates and betaines or blends of specific mild and difficult-to-thicken surfactants. 

Efficient solution in standard surfactant systems

Arlypon® TT also tames standard cleansing formulations. It provides excellent thickening performance even in SLS/SLES-reduced, low active matter surfactant systems and helps to improve the thickening efficacy of salt in conventional cleansing formulations.

Arlypon® TT is based on amine/amide-free chemistry and thus a good alternative for cleansing products to avoid alkanolamides. It is liquid, cold processable and shows higher flexibility in use vs. e.g. Cocamide MEA. 

Arlypon® TT is perfectly suited also for an easy final viscosity adjustment.

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