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BTC expands intermediates portfolio by acids and specialties in France & Benelux

Since February, BTC Europe has been the official distributor for products from the Acids and Specialties within the Intermediate Chemicals range in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. In the past, BTC had been able to offer individual products from this catalogue in a few very specific segments. The full product group has been added to the portfolio, allowing industrial customers to get the intermediate family from a single source. “We see this as a step forward in BTC's expansion in the field of specialty chemicals,” says Juan Tortosa, Distribution Business Iberia & Chemicals Europe.

Diverse market, diverse products

The customer base for chemicals from the Acids and Special Chemicals segment is very diverse and encompasses a wide variety of very different sectors. Coatings, printing inks, pharmaceuticals, agriculture and cosmetics are just a few of the possible applications. “BTC already has an excellent market overview and a wide-ranging portfolio in all these sectors,” emphasises Tortosa. “If we are now able to add new products, we will become even more universal – to the benefit of our customers.” Products that are new to the product range include vinyl ether, imidazole, triphenylphosphine and glyoxal, between others.

Advice based on experience is crucial

The tremendous variety of intermediates makes it even more important that technical service representatives are able to offer accurate advice. “There is a considerable amount of detail involved here, all the way down to molecular level,” says Tortosa. “Our consultants know where there is a need and which properties a chemical should have in each case – this experience results in excellent advice.” In turn, this experience is the result of long-term business dealings that BTC has conducted with the respective industries. It is therefore only logical for BTC to expand its BASF portfolio for the France and Benelux regions.

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