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Chione™ Celestial Gold

A unique shade of white Gold which elevates all your products! 

Radiant skin continues to be a reflection of timeless beauty & glamour! The 2016 BASF trend “Ancient Wisdom” showcases a resurgence of metallics. It looks at gold as a mineral resource and the ancient use of gold. The 2017 trends show that metallics are here to stay. There is a shift from gold to a range of bronze, platinum and champagne shades.

Chione Celestial Gold

A metallic effect pigment based upon synthetic mica with a bright sparkling appearance. The bulk hue is a metallic orange/yellow with a flash of pure metallic yellow. It offers a very large particle size for synthetic mica products without compromising on chroma or skin feel. The particle size is approximate 80 microns, high purity and low density.

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