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Color Care in Liquid Detergents

Keeping colors bright

Modern life would be unimaginable without color detergents. Frequent wear and washing cause textile colors to lose their initial brilliance and fade. Color detergents ensure that clothes look new for longer and help to keep their colors vibrant.

The effects of the special water soluble polymer, Sokalan® HP 56 K, support your Color Care claims contributing significantly to the development of high-performance color detergents.

Yellow stays Yellow!!

Performance test mixing blue and yellow textiles washed with BASF Test Formulation (30% WAS) including 0.7% Sokalan ® HP 56 K (telquel)

The advantages of the BASF special polymer, Sokalan® HP 56 K, for liquid laundry detergents are:

  • Excellent Dye Transfer Inhibition (DTI) due to unique chemistry
  • Efficient for a broad range of direct and reactive dyes at low amounts
  • Easy to handle in all kind of liquid detergents due to liquid product form
  • Easy to formulate even in super concentrated detergents (liquid mono doses)
  • Water soluble polymer

You can find additional information about Color Care in Liquid Detergents and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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