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BASF enables the next level of low temperature washing

Global trends of higher concentrated product formats, more convenience and resource savings in water and energy create market needs for liquid laundry detergents and gels with excellent performance at low temperatures.

BASF’s new liquid laundry protease LavergyTM Pro 104 L enables highefficacy of liquid laundry detergents, especially at low washingtemperatures between 20°C and 30°C. It has been proven inindependent tests by the Hohenstein Institute to enable superior removal of specific stains such as egg, blood, and milk types.

LavergyTM Pro 104 L adds power to your liquid laundry detergent by:

  • Enabling Choices for improved efficacy of your formulation
  • Enhancing sustainability through high performance at low washing temperatures
  • Leveraging synergies with enzymes and chemistry
  • Boosting performance to the next level

The next level of low temperature washing:

The innovative combination of the new protease LavergyTM Pro 104 L and the polymer Sokalan® HP 20 contributes to the performance of liquid laundry formulations. Together, they enable the next level of low temperature washing.
Enabling Choices for our customers who expect sustainable, high-performance solutions for consumers and retailers.

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