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Pacific Orange EH 3963 (L 2828) - natural and durable orange

For a natural and durable orange – Pacific Orange EH 3963 (L 2828)

When the day ends, the setting sun often colours the sky in an incomparable orange tone. And golden October also enchants us with the gentle orange of autumn leaves and ripe pumpkins. These are the natural shades that the coating industry now has available to upgrade surfaces and give them a refreshing visual appeal and quality.

The new chromatic hybrid orange pigment EH 3963 (L 2828) combines numerous benefits: it expands the design options for powder coatings while fulfilling the very highest demands. When compared to other organic orange pigments, it impresses with its outstanding weather, temperature and chemical resistance, and is also characterised by its good covering properties.

No more fading

“When creating our new orange pigment, it was important to us to overcome the problem of pastel shades in the façade colours fading, among other issues,” reports Albert Ensenyat, Business Manager for Pigments at BTC. “This is where Pacific Orange EH 3963 (L 2828) delivers excellent results.” In addition, the pigment can be combined with other DPP pigments without having to worry about the otherwise common brown discolouration.

Readily combinable and high quality

Pacific Orange EH 3963 (L 2828) enriches the diverse BTC portfolio of high-quality pigments for demanding industrial applications. The new high-performance orange has a high chroma and allows every combination with other DPP chemicals for use in powder coatings.
The advantages at a glance

  • Remarkable chemical resistance
  • Superior fastness compared to other organic pigments
  • Ideal for pale shades
  • No hazard warnings
  • Best high-quality lead chromate replacement

The Solution Finder provides further information on Pacific Orange EH 3963 (L 2828) and ways to contact your local BTC partner.

Our Expert

Albert Ensenyat, Business Manager for Pigments at BTC, joined the BASF Group in 2002 and developed different functions in sales until 2016, when he took on his current role. He has over 30 years of experience in the coatings industry and has worked with multi-national companies, such as DuPont, Herberts and Beckers. “My goal is to promote pigments and colourants in different sectors and support the organisation as a whole in achieving our goals and making our lives more colourful.”