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Glymes and Dioxolane - Versatile high-performance solvents in the BTC portfolio

Glycol diethers, also known as glymes, are chemicals with a very diverse range of uses, not least thanks to their solvent properties. Glymes offer stability and are useful for many different reactions. At the same time, there are very different boiling points and solubilities within the substance group, depending on your requirements. BTC Europe is adding a series of high-performance solvents, including glymes, to its Europe-wide portfolio from 1st July. “This will expand our range,” says Juan Tortosa, Distribution Chemicals Europe. “Solvents like this are always a useful alternative to other solvents.”

Close cooperation with BASF Service

Three years ago, BASF took over the American chemicals manufacturer Novolyte, whose range included high-performance solvents such as glymes and 1,3-Dioxolane. BTC will now take on sole responsibility for European sales of all these high-performance solvents – 30 different items in total – which are produced in the USA. To do this, BTC will make use of its extensive logistics network across Europe, giving all interested customers fast access to the imports. At the same time, BTC is working closely with the Service departments at BASF. “BASF's entire Service platform is available to us, just in case there are any changes to EHS regulations or standards,” says Tortosa. In return, BTC contributes its substantial knowledge of customers and markets in the individual sectors.

Wide range of uses in various sectors

The high-performance solvents are very flexible in terms of use. Glymes give printing inks stronger colour quality, eliminate odours and toxic substances, and minimise pigment costs. They are also useful in gold refining and the pharmaceuticals, electronics and textiles industries. 1,3-Dioxolane is ideal for dissolving polymers such as polyesters, epoxy resins and urethanes, as well as for certain niche applications in pharmaceutical production.

The new high-performance solvents at a glance:

  • Glymes: Glycol diethers with high dissolving power, high stability in strong bases and moderate stability in acids. Glymes have a wide range of uses, such as in coatings and printing inks or as catalysts.
  • 1,3-Dioxolane: Excellent solvent for polymers, predominantly for use in coatings, strippable varnishes and surface treatment.

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