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Iragon® Violet: For popular products from purple to lilac

The colour violet is associated with creativity, originality and a certain air of extravagance. It is often considered to be mysterious, mystical and an inspiration for artists and musicians. In addition, it is a herald of spring, representing a new start and freshness, and it stands for crocuses, violets and lilacs. No wonder that the colour violet is widely popular in home care. For this reason, BTC is introducing two new colour tones with which producers can create a variety of colours from the violet spectrum.

Colour brilliance and fast solubility

“The Iragon® product line comprises brilliant colours and products that are particularly quickly and easily soluble,” says Gisela Herzog, Marketing & Sales Manager Europe for Colorants Home and Personal Care at BTC. With the two new colours, customers are spared elaborate mixing and thus simplify their production process. In addition, the powdered form offers the advantage of a long shelf life: Iragon® powder pigments and dyes have a guaranteed storage life of at least five years.

Broadly applicable

Using the two violet pigments, it is easy to create a diverse range of colour tones from the violet spectrum. While Iragon® AVI54 covers the colour spectrum between red and violet, such as magenta and purple, Iragon® AVI48 can be used to create colours ranging from blue to violet, such as indigo and violet. In addition, the dyes can be used on a broad pH spectrum and are suitable for acidic as well as alkaline formulations. “We know that stability in as many formulations as possible is particularly important to many of our customers,” says Herzog.

A multitude of colours with Iragon® Violet

The following specifications apply for the two violet colour tones:

  • Iragon® Violet AVI48
  • Iragon® Violet AVI48 HFC
  • Recommended pH-range: 3-11
  • Color shade: bluish violet
  • Color index: Acid violet 48
  • Iragon® Violet AVI54
  • Iragon® Violet AVI54 HFC
  • Recommended pH-range: 1-11
  • Color shade: reddish violet
  • Color index: Acid violet 54/ 42571

Our Expert

Gisela Herzog was responsible for the Cleaning Agents division at BASF for almost 30 years, before shifting her focus to dyes three years ago. At BTC, she is responsible for Europe and the Near East. As a trained management assistant and long-time sales manager, she has always placed considerable importance on customer contact. “Colours are something positive,” she says. This division offers a wide range of combinations of topics and challenges, says Herzog – from procurement to marketing and direct contacts in the market. She likes to open talks with old business contacts from her network with the announcement: “'I'm here to put some colour into your lives.”

You can find additional information about Iragon® Violet and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.You can find additional information about Iragon® Violet and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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