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Irgaflo®: Performance and efficiency across the entire range

Irgaflo®: Performance and efficiency across the entire range

Producing the highest quality lubricants requires the right additives, including viscosity index improvers and pour point depressants. With its Irgaflo® series, BTC has a wide range of components in its portfolio.

“Mineral oil-based lubricants need to remain stable at low temperatures,” says Dirk Kinzel. And given the fact that almost all engines have to cope with extreme temperature differences between start-up and peak operation, they also need viscosity index improvers. This applies for all multi-purpose oils, regardless whether they are hydraulic or engine oils. High-quality viscosity improvers also increase energy efficiency: “If I use an oil with a lower viscosity, it reduces the internal resistance,” says Kinzel. “Improved efficiency is the result.”

Broad spectrum thanks to additional additives

The Irgaflo® series meets all these requirements, including both viscosity index improvers and pour point depressants with a broad range of options. And that is not all: “We can even adapt the products to the customers’ needs,” says Kinzel, for example by increasing the active substance content or creating unique combinations of the various individual components. BTC’s portfolio also includes all components that can be relevant to formulators, such as additives for anti-oxidation, wear protection or corrosion protection.

Fully-developed global production capacity

Another advantage for BTC customers: As BASF has many years of experience and fully-developed global production capacity for the raw materials, availability does not depend so much on the market. “Capacity was expanded once again around two years ago,” sums up Kinzel. And the company is also looking to the future, planning to continue expanding the product range in order to react to technological changes on the engine market: “for example for energy-efficient, low-viscosity engine oils like those used in one-litre engines,” says Kinzel.

The advantages at a glance

  • Improved cold start behaviour at low temperatures
  • Low energy consumption
  • Enhanced shear stability thanks to modern viscosity index improvers
  • Cost-effective viscosity index improvers (VII) and pour point depressants (PPD) based on PMA
  • Broad portfolio for numerous special applications
  • Specialist expertise on application and combination with further lubricant components

Our Expert

Dirk Kinzel started his career at BASF in 1992 with a dual apprenticeship programme as an economic assistant, during which he gained international experience in the Polyamide Sales department. He has been Sales and Marketing Manager at BTC since 2011. Dirk explains his passion for the sector: “I have been interested in chemistry ever since I was little. It is found in everything we create and surrounds us every day.”

You can find additional information about Irgaflo® pour point depressants and Irgaflo® viscosity index improvers directly using our website for automotive & oil industry. You can also contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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