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Liquid Mono Doses: Restore whites with Tinopal® CBS-CL

In order to save time for household tasks, consumers expect effective and convenient laundry detergents. Liquid mono doses are a response to these consumer needs. They allow effective cleaning and  whitening at reduced dosages.

These compact formats require a higher concentration of wash-active substances. In these conditions the optical brightener Tinopal® CBS-CL can be easily included to provide clear formulations with versatile solutions for innovative liquid mono doses enabling the whitest white.

Benefits for use of Tinopal® CBS-CL in liquid mono doses: 

  • Easy handling due to liquid product form resulting in clear formulations
  • Especially designed for post-addition 
  • Outstanding white effect even at low washing temperatures and in short washing cycles
  • Improvement of detergent whiteness

Your choices – your claims:

  • Restore whites 
  • Whitest white 
  • Provide white and bright fabrics
  • Enable whiter and more vivide colors
  • Restore intensive whiteness

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