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Low Foaming Rinse Aids

Enabling Choices for Mechanical Ware Wash

Nowadays, the development of more energy- and water-saving ware wash machines brings new challenges for ware wash detergents and rinse aids: The soil load in the wash liquor increases while the temperature decreases. Therefore, new formulations are required in order to fulfill the following requirements:

  • No/low foam should be formed at temperatures of 25 - 90°C
  • Foam formation caused by soil components must be suppressed
  • A good rinse performance should be achieved

To meet these needs we developed several solutions in our I&I laboratory with the following results:

  • The rinse aid formulations with Dehypon® and Plurafac® types show an improved foam profile
  • The developed rinse aid formulations (RA 1-6) show a comparable filming and spotting performance vs. benchmarks (BM)
  • The use of Texapon® EHS reduces the amount of hydrotrope significantly

We found solutions even for the most challenging soil loads.
This enables smooth operation of state of the art mechanical ware wash machines.

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