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Lumina® Royal - New colour effects for plastic products

Colour-intensive effects shape the face of a brand and can set it apart from its competitors. BTC Europe introduced the effect pigment Lumina® Royal Blue to its portfolio back in 2010. Now, four more colour shades complete the Lumina® Royal product line, providing the plastics industry with even greater diversity in the blue and copper-coloured range. “The extremely bright effects of Lumina® Royal can also be used to jazz up other pigments”, says Alfred Oertli, Business Manager Plastics Industry at BTC Europe. This paves the way for completely new design options.

High colour purity and brilliance

All pigments in the Lumina® Royal product series can be mixed together with other pigments and dyes from the wide-ranging portfolio, thus enabling new and as-yet-unseen colours to be developed. The effect pigments in the Lumina® Royal product series impress with their high brilliance, purity and colour strength. New colours blue, aqua, indigo and magenta cover the spectrum of green to red pigments in the blue interference range. The product series is suitable for eye-catching sport and leisure items such as skateboards and snowboards, for example, as well as ski boots and children's toys. It also gives an elegant sheen to high-quality cosmetics packaging and electronics housings – from household appliances to coffee machines. 

The missing piece in our extensive portfolio

“The Lumina® Royal effect pigments pave the way for particularly creative design options for our customers, so that they can strengthen their brand and make it stand out from its competitors”, says Oertli. Another advantage for BTC customers is that “our comprehensive portfolio is targeted directly at the needs of the plastics industry”. Those looking for light protection agents or waxes alongside brilliant pigments when producing their shampoo bottles can also obtain these directly from BTC. “These new pigments are another useful missing piece in our extremely wide product range, which we are constantly expanding”, stresses Oertli.

The advantages of Lumina® Royal at a glance:

  • High brilliance, purity and colour strength
  • Fine nuances and superb miscibility make it possible to develop highly individual colour worlds that can become a brand's USP
  • Suitable for a wide product range – from sports equipment to cosmetics packaging

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