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Lumina® Royal: Plastics and paints in strong red

Brilliant colour can be crucial in influencing a purchase. Strong, bright, pure and rich colours really stick in customers’ minds – especially when it comes to paints and plastics. From a technical point of view, producing a strong chroma that offers designers plenty of room for their own input is not easy, especially on the red spectrum. This is where the Lumina® Royal Magenta and Indigo effect pigments from BASF come in – with captivating brilliance, purity and colour strength.

Particularly broad colour spectrum with Magenta and Indigo

Magenta covers the stronger red spectrum, while Indigo’s slight blue reflection allows rich violet tones. “Both pigments are also ideal for mixing later on, enabling a particularly broad colour spectrum to be achieved in the design,” explains Klaus Nees-Brand, Senior Technical Expert for Effect Pigments and Business Development at BTC Europe. Lumina® Royal displays the highest chroma currently available on the market. “Customers confirm this to us time and again,” says Nees-Brand.

Elegant sheen and striking colours

The Lumina® Royal range of colours is suitable for eye-catching sport and leisure items such as skateboards and snowboards, for example, as well as ski boots and children’s toys. It also gives an elegant sheen to high-quality cosmetics packaging and electronics housings – from household appliances to coffee machines. As well as Magenta and Indigo, Lumina® Royal is also available in Aqua and Blue, covering the blue spectrum, and Copper, which enables an opaque, copper-coloured tone.

Strong, brilliant red encourages buyers

The Lumina® Royal colours’ extraordinary strength and brilliance makes them ideal for combining with other colours and effect pigments, allowing even more potential for original design. Alongside this benefit for designers, the colours also encourage purchase decisions very subtly and subconsciously, be it on supermarket shelves or in car showrooms. “Imagine a car dealership in which the cars are shown in the best possible light,” describes Nees- Brand. “Extremely strong colour differences in the paint stand out and are not forgotten.” Countless other similar examples are possible. After all, colours encourage purchases. This makes it all the more crucial to distinguish your product from the competition with especially memorable colours.

Additional information

The BASF Lumina® Royal product range is available from BTC in the following colours:

  • Magenta: Red effect pigment
  • Indigo: Blue-shade violet effect pigment
  • Aqua: Green-shade blue effect pigment
  • Blue: Light red-shade blue effect pigment
  • Copper: Copper-coloured effect pigment

Our Expert:

Klaus Nees-Brand has worked with effect pigments for BTC across Europe as a Senior Technical Expert since 2005. A plastics engineer with an additional Master of Business Management qualification, he previously worked in the PVC segment for around 20 years. The aspect of working with effect pigments that he finds most appealing is the fascinating question of how just subtle changes in colours can generate an entirely different mood. As the expert knows, colours are incredibly versatile – the way they look can change depending on the viewing angle, effect or light. “When a business customer wants to get involved in these questions, discussing these details extensively together and experimenting can be a lot of fun,” says Nees-Brand. After all, he says, colour is emotion.

Further information about  Lumina® Royal and the multiple possibilities of the effect pigments, as well as the possibility to contact your local BTC contact partner, you find in the Solution Finder.

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