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Luxurious Crystals for premium skin care products

Premium skin care products are a fast-growing market in Personal Care. BASF´s Care CreationsTM introduces “Luxurious Crystals”, a New Translucency Technology that enables formulators to design skin care leave-on products with a prestige translucent appearance and sophisticated sensory without using silicones. By combining properties of hydrogels and customary oil-in-water emulsions “Luxurious Crystals” provides a wide range of translucent to translucent-milky appearances in formulations and a sensory experience ranging from luxurious-powdery to elegant and silky.

Discover the possibilities “Luxurious Crystals” can give you:

  • Aqua Serene Delicate Translucent Emulsion
  • Caressible Crystals Soft Translucent-to-Creamy Emulsion
  • Crystalline Droplets Cooling Translucent Emulsion
  • Melting Diamonds Crystalline Translucent Emulsion
  • Silky Delight Rich Translucent-to-Creamy Emulsion

You can find additional information about Luxurious Crystals and contact your local BTC partner directly using our website for your industry.

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