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Natural and Organic Cosmetics

The “Back to Nature” theme has become one of the most important drivers in international FMCG markets, particularly in the countries of the developed world, and seems to have resulted from an amalgamation of numerous concerns and interests in modern society. The most important standards for Natural and Organic cosmetics in Europe are COSMOS, NATRUE and the new ISO Standard 16128. We support our customers with all necessary information and data on our ingredients for these and for Ecolabel Standards.

Cosmos Standard

130 BASF ingredients are approved or certified via BDIH/IONC and Ecocert. Numerous formulations are available for leave-on and rinse-off applications, according to the Standard for Natural or Organic Cosmetics.


More than 50 BASF ingredients evaluated by a NATRUE-accredited certifieraccording to the NATRUE criteria are suitable for formulations according to the NATRUE schemes. Formulation proposals according the NATRUE Natural Cosmetics Standard are available. 

ISO Standard 16128

We provide the required natural and natural derived indices for all our naturally based ingredients based on the calculation of C atoms or calculated on molecular weight supporting the mass calculation described by this standard.

EU Ecolabel and the Nordic Ecolabel

BASF support with ecological data and overviews on the suitability for these standards according to our ecological evaluation.

You can find additional information about Natural and Organic Cosmetics and contact your local BTC partner directly using our website for the personal care industry.

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