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New Dispersing Agents for Brilliant Blue and Green

Glistening, consistent colours, excellent shine – this is what paints, for example for cars, are supposed to look like. Different chemical liquids and solids need to be mixed in the best possible way in order to achieve this. This also requires that the pigments are distributed evenly so that the painted surface displays a uniform shade of colour later on. This dispersing process is particularly challenging if copper-phthalocyanine pigments are used, for example, in blue and green tones. One reason is that its rheological behaviour is difficult to control which can quickly result in uneven distribution. That is why there is a need for specialized dispersing agents that simplify and stabilise the process. BTC now offers two new solvent-based dispersing agents from BASF SE, specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of copper-phthalocyanine pigments. 

Advanced technology

The two new products are based on advanced polymer technology that provides perfect control of the polymer architecture. “This enhances the efficiency of the dispersing agent and makes it possible to better stabilize pigments thus creating more intense colours, for example”, explains Niels Kappen, Account Manager Nordics at BTC Europe for the Coatings Industry. At the same time, the new products increase control of the rheological properties of the grinding stock thus eliminating the need for synergists, hence intensifying materials, which can among other things, result in bleeding in the final application. 

The two products:

  • Efka® PX 4350 based on CFRP (controlled free radical polymerization) technology for increased efficiency sets new standards in dispersion of β and ε-phthalo pigments and results in Newtonian rheology at high pigment concentrations. 
  • Efka® PX 4751 is particularly suited for dispersing α-phthalo pigments and reducing the thixotropic behaviour of the grinding stock.

Both products can be used in solvent-based systems and for industrial high-solids and OEM/refinish paint applications. They feature excellent compatibility with acrylates/CAB, 2-pack solvent-based PU and 2-pack solvent-based epoxy systems.

Efka® PX 4350 and Efka® PX 4751 also give excellent results with organic and inorganic pigments beside copper phthalocyanine pigments – especially in resin containing pigment concentrates in combination with Laropal® A 81.

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