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#OnlineSurvey on social media use: because your time is valuable

Since last year, you can learn about the latest news from our world of speciality chemicals through BTC’s presence on the social media platforms Twitter and LinkedIn. In order to improve our performance on these networks further, we would now like to ask you: Does our range of content suit the behaviour and needs of our followers? What is the general attitude towards social media? BTC’s goal is to provide you with the right content as quickly as possible – because your time is valuable. “The huge number of social networks and the millions of associated applications, websites and platforms illustrate the importance of this subject,” says Dinah Kanngießer, who is currently writing her master’s thesis on the topic of social media at BTC. We would be grateful if you could follow this link and participate in the online survey before the end of September.

Social networks arrive in the B2B sector

“Today, social networks not only play an important role in the private sphere, but also in business, for information gathering purposes for example,” says Kanngießer. She supports and analyses BTC’s social media communication. Despite the strong use of Twitter, LinkedIn and co. for professional purposes, the behaviour and needs of users in the B2B sector have not been extensively examined.  BTC would like to improve its social media communication with their customers. The survey aims to provide an insight into how the range and frequency of the content can be better adapted to the needs of BTC’s followers. 

Quick and completely anonymous

The compact survey will take a maximum of seven minutes to complete. It is being carried out by Dinah Kanngießer. With the survey, she completes her studies at the FOM University of Applied Sciences for Economics and Management in Essen. The survey is completely anonymous. Of course, all answers will be treated as strictly confidential. 

Click here to participate in the survey.

Our expert 

Dinah Kanngießer has been working for BTC since 2017 supporting the Strategy, Marketing and Communications Department in using social networks. She is currently writing her thesis to complete her master's degree in sales management. The thesis is based on the online survey covered in this newsletter. Customer requirements and satisfaction have often been a key theme in Kanngießer’s studies. “So, of course, surveys are indispensable. They provide us with new information to help us better understand our customers,” she says. As active as Kanngießer is in the digital world for work, she also appreciates face-to-face communication. 

The latest information can be found on BTC’s Twitter feed and LinkedIn page. The latest information can be found on BTC’s Twitter feed and LinkedIn page. 

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