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Optical Brighteners in Powder Detergents

The Superior Solution for Stilbene-Based Low-Temperature Washing

Environmental awareness is key to a sustainable future. Modern washing behavior reflects this with a strong trend toward energy savings by washing at lower temperatures.
Unfortunately, this comes at a cost: Ingredients often require certain temperatures to perform properly. Conventional optical brighteners in powder detergents require higher temperatures and prolonged washing cycles to form a solution.
BASF responds to the low temperature washing needs with Tinopal® DMA-X. Its improved granulate quality demonstrates superior solubility: Tinopal® DMA-X dissolves quickly at only 25°C even in short washing cycles. This is achieved by means of the unique high quality, dust-free granulate from BASF.

Tinopal® DMA-X characteristics at a glance:

  • Fluorescent whitening agent for laundry applications
  • Superior solubility at low temperature
  • Improves fabric whiteness
  • Excellent performance in cold and short washing cycles 
  • Improved powder whiteness
  • Easy to dose
  • Stilbene-based chemistry
  • Dust-free granulate

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Method: ROS was determined by dissolving equimolar amounts of FWA in 800 ml water (+ 8 ml 0.01M NaOH + 0.8 ml ethanol) and measuring UV absorption over time (2, 5, 10, 20 min.). ROS was calculated in % taking complete dissolution as reference.