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Pacific Yellow EH 3408 (L 1001): Versatile and intense yellow

Pacific Yellow EH 3408 (L 1001): Versatile and intense yellow

In the past, matching a yellow shade in coatings often required compromises to be made. Pacific Yellow is a yellow pigment we have developed and which scores highly in several categories: not just colour strength and opacity, but also in its resistance to solvents and chemicals.

“Chemical resistance is often an issue,” said Albert Ensenyat, Business Manager for Pigments at BTC. “Many of our customers work on products or use processes where the coating may come into contact with chemicals, for example.” There are now pigments available on the market which display good solvent resistance, such as PY 154 – however this product does not offer an ideal balance between opacity and colour strength.

Excellent chemical and solvent resistance

“Pacific Yellow displays the best results in alkaline and solvent resistance, making it an ideal product for water-based and solvent-based paint systems and thereby providing great advantages for our customers,” Ensenyat emphasised. Until now, customers often had to rely on different pigments for different applications, However, Pacific Yellow is a yellow pigment which can be used in multiple applications.

For lead-free formulations with great demands for saturation

Yellow is an important colour in many industrial applications. In many cases, yellow is not only used as a signal colour, but is also clearly assigned to certain tasks and areas. Yellow is viewed as an indicator of “medium danger”, as well as a guide, an orientation, as a contrast. In all these cases, it is important that the formulation used results in a strong, vibrant yellow. “Pacific Yellow is characterised particularly by its vibrancy and saturations,” said Ensenyat. And it is lead-free, an important factor in numerous countries and in line with numerous regulations.

The advantages at a glance

  • Excellent chemical and solvent resistance enables the formulation to be used in both water-based and solvent-based paint systems.
  • For yellow shades with high vibrancy
  • For lead-free formulations which require the highest levels of chroma, the maximum colour strength and strong weathering resistance.

Our Expert

Albert Ensenyat, Business Manager for Pigments at BTC, joined the BASF Group in 2002 and developed different functions in sales until 2016, when he took on his current role. He has over 30 years of experience in the coatings industry and has worked with multi-national companies, such as DuPont, Herberts and Beckers. “My goal is to promote pigments and colourants in different sectors and support the organisation as a whole in achieving our goals and making our lives more colourful.”

You can find additional information about Pacific Yellow EH 3408 directly using our website for architectural coatings industry.

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