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Polyquart® Ecoclean Max: Bio-based polymer for cleaning products

Besides performance, convenience is one of the most important factors in hard surface cleaning products as it enables consumers to save time. BTC supplies high performing polymers from BASF that achieve outstanding results such as spotless drying, streak-free cleaning, gloss retention and easy-to-clean-again effects on different surfaces. The bio-based polymer, Polyquart® Ecoclean Max, combines convenience and sustainability, bringing modern cleaning to every household.

Hydrophilic Power

  • Starch based polymer with excellent biodegradability profile
  • Strong and visible effect on the surface due to homogeneous hydrophilization
  • Suitable for different kinds of formulations, as all purpose, floor, bathroom or glass cleaners
  • Enables streak-free cleaning with increased shine retention effect
  • Quick and spotless drying generated by uniform thin water sheeting on surfaces
  • Easy-to-clean again effect by reducing soil adhesion on the surface

Combining Performance and Sustainability!

You can find additional information about Polyquart® Ecoclean Max contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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