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Profound expertise in refinery additives

Not all fuels are the same. The oil that is processed in different refineries has different properties. When it comes to choosing the most suitable additives, you need comprehensive expertise on the individual components and composition. And that knowledge ultimately benefits a wide range of BASF customers.

“The diesel that refineries produce cannot be perfectly tailored to the specific requirements right from the outset,” says Uwe Rebholz, Technical Sales Manager, Fuel and Lubricant Solutions at BASF. “There are too many criteria that a fuel has to meet for this.” For example, there are different regulations in different countries. This is where the variety of additives comes into play: they bring the raw material exactly up to the specification it needs to be.

Cold additives for better performance

Comprehensive expertise and extensive laboratory tests are required to tailor additives precisely, so diesel engines can start safely even in winter and to prevent the filter from being clogged, for example. “In theory, some of this would also be possible with complex refining processes, but that would significantly increase the price of diesel,” says Rebholz. Additives, i.e. added molecules, such as cold flow additives and cetane boosters, ensure that vehicles can start safely even at low temperatures.

Expertise from R&D

“My aim is always to understand the fuel,” explains Rebholz, who has been working on fuels and refinery additives for more than 20 years. That is part of BASF’s raison d’être. “We have the necessary expertise,” the specialist adds, “not the least thanks to our integrated research and development department.” There is also the advantage of being able to pool expertise from various fields of application. BASF has more than 80 years of experience, especially in flow improvers, and has the high-pressure technology needed for the KEROFLUX® series at its disposal.

An extensive portfolio from a single source

All customers can benefit from this knowledge and comprehensive range of products – not only the refineries themselves, but also customers who manufacture products with or on the basis of additives. “We supply all additives from a single source, coupled with customer-specific expertise,” stresses Manuel Gerth, Business Manager at BTC. This benefits all customers who want to take advantage of BASF’s range of refinery additives.

The advantages at a glance

  • Broad range of additives: flow improvers, wax anti-settling additives, cloud point enhancers, anti-static agents for crude oils and middle distillates, metal deactivators for crude oil and middle distillates, cetane boosters and H2S scavengers.
  • Profound expertise in refined oil and diesel fuels.
  • More than 80 years of experience, including in flow improvers.
  • Research and development which ensures continuous innovation and improvement.

Our Expert

Uwe Rebholz has been working for BASF in various fields and in several global regions, including America, Russia and the Middle East for more than 40 years. He worked for some time for intermediates for pharmaceutical and dyestuff chemistry. “This taught me just how versatile BASF is,” he says. Rebholz has now been an expert on refinery additives for more than 20 years, having personally visited and partially looked after more than 100 refineries in Europe. “Fuel consists of a thousand individual components,” says Rebholz. “That’s what makes it so fascinating. My aim is to always understand the fuel.”

Further information about refinery additives and the possibility to contact your local BTC contact person directly is available using the Solution Finder.