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Radiant colours and sophisticated colour changes with Iragon® and Puricolor®

Standing out from the crowd by means of visual effects is becoming increasingly important, particularly in the home care and personal care sectors. This can be achieved, for example, by using a slight fluorescent sparkle or a colour change. With its Puricolor® and Iragon® product lines, BTC offers a series of dyes that are particularly suited for various applications. “There are a number of interesting applications which use colour changes to indicate that a product is effective,” says Gisela Herzog, Marketing & Sales Manager Europe for Colorants Home and Personal Care. 

Colour-changing toothpaste and cleaning products

Indicator dyes can be used in a variety of applications, such as in toothpaste that changes its colour to indicate that the teeth have been brushed long enough, or in cleaning products that change colour depending on the pH value. This makes it possible to identify places that are still need cleaning – in a way, the product thinks for itself. Other options include colour-changing bubble baths or toilet cleaners.

Fluorescent: radiant signal colours

If you wish to create a real eye-catcher or highlight a particular product claim, you can also use fluorescent colours – such as in shower gels that are advertised as providing extraordinary vitality or refreshment, or in personal care products targeted at young people. “The many specific queries by our customers clearly show that fluorescent colours are back in vogue,” says Herzog.

Colour strength for strong colours

All dyes of the Puricolor® and Iragon® series have one thing in common: their high colour strength is truly impressive. “This is something that really sets us apart in terms of quality,” says Herzog. At the same time, the large number of different colour shades enables customers to mix their very own personal colour, either by relying on their own formulation know-how or by taking advantage of the solid experience of the BTC experts.

Puricolor® and Iragon® dyes for indicator dyes or fluorescent colours

The BTC portfolio includes the following products:

Fluorescent colours:

  • Puricolor® Green SGR7 FDA
  • Puricolor® Green SGR7
  • Iragon® Yellow AYE73 HFC
  • Puricolor® Red FRE14
  • Puricolor® Red ARE52

Indicator dyes: 

  • Puricolor® Blue ABL9-X FDA
  • Puricolor® Blue ABL9 HFC
  • Puricolor® Blue ABL9-L HFC
  • Puricolor® Blue FBL5
  • Puricolor® Blue FBL5-L HFC
  • Puricolor® Blue PBL29 FDA
  • Iragon® Blue DBL86 HFC
  • Puricolor® Green SGR7 FDA
  • Puricolor® Green SGR7
  • Puricolor® Green U3 FDA

Our expert

Gisela Herzog was responsible for the Cleaning Agents division at BASF for almost 30 years, before shifting her focus to dyes three years ago. At BTC, she is responsible for Europe and the Near East. As a trained management assistant and long-time sales manager, she has always placed considerable importance on customer contact. “Colours are something positive,” she says. This division offers a wide range of combinations of topics and challenges, says Herzog – from procurement to marketing and direct contacts in the market. She likes to open talks with old business contacts from her network with the announcement: “'I'm here to put some colour into your lives.”

You can find more information on fluorescent colours and indicator dyes of the Iragon® and Puricolor® series and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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