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Reduce phosphorus excretion with the new hybrid phytase Natuphos® E

For the most part, poultry and pigs cannot sufficiently digest phosphorus from vegetable sources. Because the mineral plays an important role in bone formation, energy extraction and the cellular structure of an animal organism, it is necessary to add inorganic phosphorus to livestock feed. Thanks to the addition of phytase, the phosphorus content in feed rations – and therefore also in animal excretions – can be reduced considerably.

Natuphos® E – the new phytase from pioneer BASF

Because phosphorus excretions of animals can be harmful to the environment, researchers are developing new methods for further reducing the phosphorus content in feed. BASF set new standards in the market 25 years ago with the first phytase, and the new hybrid phytase now continues this success story: “The positive characteristics of three different types of bacteria act together in the hybrid phytase Natuphos® E. We have therefore developed this proven formula one step further,” explains Dr. Alfred Schülein, Account Manager Animal Nutrition at BTC.

The advantages of Natuphos® E for feed production at a glance:

  • Only hybrid phytase on the market
  • Reduces phosphorus excretions more efficiently than ever before
  • Superior pelleting and premix stability

Environmentally friendly hybrid phytase for feed

Natuphos® E saves more mineral phosphorus than previously possible, thereby reducing the environmental impact by up to 57 per cent. The low amount of inorganic phosphorus required is not only sustainable, but is also more cost-effective for farmers. If you wish to step ahead of the crowd with the innovative hybrid phytase we will be happy to support you and answer any questions you have on the possible applications of Natuphos® E. BTC also offers further product lines for the animal feed industry, for example acids and additives for animal feed and food.

Our expert

Dr. Alfred Schülein studied agricultural sciences at the Technical University of Munich before earning his doctorate in the field of nutrition physiology. After spending many years in various functions as an area and sales manager in the animal feed industry, he has been working for BTC as Account Manager Animal Nutrition since 2013 with a focus on Germany and Austria. He feels it is the mix of innovative ideas and proven products that makes the animal feed industry so exciting. He enjoys sharing his 20 years of experience with his customers: “For me, providing my business partners with competent advice and supporting them in all application-related questions is the core of my work.”

You can find additional information about Natuphos® E and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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