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Scale Dissolution with Trilon® M and Trilon® Ultimate

Consumer Needs and Relevance

The special event to celebrate with your guests – but imagine it with glasses full of scale? Shiny and sparkling dishes and glasses are a must.
This is why automatic dishwashing detergents should have high cleaning performance and efficiently prevent scale and dissolve already formed scale on the washed dishes to enable sparkling results that allow you to proudly present your dishes and glasses.
But the established test procedures used across the industry simulating consumer needs do not always match the reality in households. 
Pre-rinsing with tap water or using a detergent with a weak builder system, in particular, leads to insoluble scale and water marks, which the consumer will not accept. The standard test methods however work with new and pre-cleaned glasses and therefore do not consider residues already present on dishes.

Only strong chelating agents, such as Trilon® M and Trilon® Ultimate, are able to redissolve even already-formed scale and thus maintaining the high performance level of automatic dishwashing products in the market today, as well as from 2017 onwards.
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