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Strong Acidic Power Cleaner - Power Play in Your Bathroom

The field of bathroom cleaners in the hard surface cleaning segment has been growing for the last few years. There is a trend toward powerful cleaning without having to compromise on material compatibility-all brought together in an easy-to-handle product.

Power cleaners are not only designed to eliminate limescale, but also soap scum. Consumers demand that their bathrooms stay clean for longer and are easier to clean again. Furthermore, excellent foam stabilization allows for an enjoyable cleaning experience.

BASF enables choices to fulfill these consumer wishes with a combination of Glucopon® surfactants, Lutensol® XP 60,  and Polyquart® polymers, as well as the methanesulfonic acid Lutropur® M for strong acidic power cleaners.

Benefits for use in power cleaners:

  • Glucopon® 215 UP: excellent surface care in combination with high gloss
  • Lutensol® XP 60: outstanding dispersing agent with an ecofriendly profile
  • Polyquart® Pro A: provides a long-lasting cleaning effect and boosts cleaning
  • Lutropur® M: powerful primary cleaning against soap scum and limescale

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