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Synative® ES DPHA: Flexible and environmentally-friendly

Environmentally-friendly lubricants are becoming increasingly important. Customers are choosing environmentally-sustainable lubricants much more than in the past, and not only for use in specifically environmentally-sensitive fields. Tougher environmental regulations are also boosting the use of this type of oil in many sectors. With Synative® ES DPHA, BTC's range now includes a high-performance synthetic ester from BASF's portfolio, whose properties include fast biodegradability. It can be used for a huge range of functions, from engine and transmission oils to axle oils. Synative® ES DPHA is also an ideal raw material for compressor and hydraulic fluids.

Impressive properties for flexible use

“One of the ester's strengths is its extreme versatility,” says Gabriele Möller, Head of Business Management Europe, Fuel & Lubricant Solutions. The ester can be incorporated excellently into various formulations and combined with additives, while retaining its crucial properties. Synative® ES DPHA displays impressive thermostability and outstanding tribological properties, and is ideal for use at low temperatures. “The ester can withstand cold excellently, without hardening,” says Möller. This is important for compressors, for example, which are exposed to extended periods of cold, and in general for vehicles that need to start quickly and reliably under harsh conditions.

Save energy and costs 

Synative® ES DPHA also ensures an extended lifespan for lubricants and thus longer replacement intervals, as well as improving protection of the engine and transmission.  This offers potential savings in energy and costs. In line with this potential, the synthetic ester is also available in needs-based quantities and in all common packaging units.

Our Expert

Gabriele Möller has been working in the chemicals industry for 35 years, during which time she has gathered experience in every central field, from purchasing to HR and sales. Personal experience makes her familiar with customers' needs and points of view: before joining BASF subsidiary BTC, Möller spent many years working for a retailer who was a BASF customer. Möller has officially been in the Fuel & Lubricant Solutions division for ten years, but it has actually been much longer. “I have always been very mobile,” she says. She was one of the first young women of her generation to ride a motorcycle. Möller enjoys managing products that are easy for laypeople to understand, from coolants to brake fluids. At BTC, she is responsible for the entire strategic segment involving Fuel & Lubricant Solutions.

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