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Toilet rim blocks and cleaners in the colours of your choice: Iragon® and Puricolor® dyes and pigments

The growing number of modern toilet systems and high hygienic standards make toilet rim blocks an important part of modern WC cleaning systems. “The toilet cleaning sector is a growing market. Demand is increasing, and customers have more and more products to choose from thanks to new systems and dyes,” explains Gisela Herzog, Business Manager Europe at BTC.  

Keeping up with accentuated colour trends for toilet cleaners

The product portfolio ranges from classic toilet rim blocks to liquid cleaning systems. When creating an individual product, the colour also plays an important role: blue, green and yellow are traditionally dominant here, but colour trends such as violet and red are quickly gaining momentum. Dyes and pigments from the Iragon® and Puricolor® product ranges set colourful accents.

The ideal solution for dyeing modern toilet rim blocks

The sheer variety of forms and product variants also means that the requirements placed on dyes have increased. For example, modern toilet rim blocks that are attached without any additional holder should dissolve just as slowly as traditional products – without affecting the ceramic. To achieve this, a special formulation is required. The Iragon® and Puricolor® dye portfolios offer a variety of possibilities for formulating products in line with individual requirements across a wide pH range.

Alongside high pH stability, Iragon® and Puricolor® products stand out thanks to their high quality and comprehensive documentation. 

Our Expert

Gisela Herzog was responsible for the Cleaning Agents division at BASF for almost 30 years, before shifting her focus to dyes three years ago. At BTC, she is responsible for Europe and the Near East. As a trained management assistant and long-time sales manager, she has always placed considerable importance on customer contact. “Colours are something positive,” she says. This division offers a wide range of combinations of topics and challenges, says Herzog – from procurement to marketing and direct contacts in the market. She likes to open talks with old business contacts from her network with the announcement: “'I'm here to put some colour into your lives.”

You can find additional information about Iragon® and Puricolor® and contact your local BTC partner directly using the Solution Finder.

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