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Trilon® M and Trilon® Ultimate: the High-performance Phosphate Alternatives

Christmas, year-end, and birthday parties – all these are special events to celebrate with your family and guests. But imagine these events with dirty cups, or glasses with spots, or glasses full of scale? Whether it’s your favorite set of cups, beautiful plates, or champagne glasses, – perfectly clean and sparkling dishes and glasses are a must.This is why automatic dishwashing detergents should efficiently remove even tough soils and prevent spotting and scale on dishes.

The Trilon® M and Trilon® Ultimate types are high-performance phosphate alternatives of automatic dishwashing detergents, which perfectly meet these market and consumer needs, as they

  • Provide strong chelating power
  • Maintain the high-performance level in the market
  • Offer multiple benefits for cleaning and rinsing
  • Prevent and dissolve build-up of scale
  • Ensure sparkling glasses and dishes

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