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Trilon® M - the high-performance, readily biodegradable chelating agent for automatic dishwashing detergents

BASF is investing in the expansion and flexibilization of its production facilities and infrastructure to manufacture chelating agents at its site in Ludwigshafen. By increasing the production capacity, BASF is responding to the rapidly growing global demand for its chelating agents, such as the readily biodegradable Trilon® M (methylglycinediacetic acid) for use in detergents and cleaners.

Trilon® M is the high-performance alternative to phosphate in automatic dishwashing detergents and is readily biodegradable. EU regulations stipulate that phosphate will be virtually prohibited for this application in Europe from 2017 on. In the US, 16 states have already banned phosphate in this application since 2010. With Trilon® M, BASF offers an environmentally-friendly solution to maintain the current performance level in the automatic dishwashing category and to enable sparkling glasses and dishes.

Another world-scale plant for Trilon® M is under construction in Theodore/Alabama. The new plant is scheduled to be commissioned in the 4th quarter of 2015. With the increased production in Ludwigshafen and the construction in Theodore, BASF will enhance its global capacity for chelating agents to 170,000 metric tons per year.

In addition to capacity expansions in Ludwigshafen, production processes will be made more flexible and BASF will invest in new tanks and filling stations to respond to the demand for different chelating agents and product forms for the various applications.

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