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Well stocked for the new biocide regulation: MIT-free pigment preparations

The methylisothiazolinone (MIT) biocide is still a component in many pigment preparations, however, alternatives will soon be required. As MIT can also cause allergic reactions, it will be reclassified as part of the new biocide regulation in 2020. Avoid the «H317» hazard symbol and use MIT-free pigment preparations today.

Xfast® and Luconyl® NG: Pioneering role on the market

With the Xfast® and Luconyl® NG pigment preparations, you not only receive MIT-free and CIT-free products, they are also technologically advanced products. The pigment preparations are being continuously developed and are therefore the leading products in their sector. The MIT and CIT content was able to be eliminated in Xfast® and Luconyl® NG, meaning that both product ranges already comply with the upcoming biocide regulation.

Benefit from innovation: certification through eco labels

The advanced Xfast® and Luconyl® NG products mean you do not have to react to the new biocide regulation, but at the same time you can commence with reformulation in your plant today. The ecological benefits of Xfast® and Luconyl® NG are certified by international eco labels, such as the “Blauer Engel” (Blue Angel) or “Nordic Ecolabel” and they are compliant with common directives e.g. French directive. In addition, the pigment preparations are suitable for IPT (in-plant tinting) and POS (point of sale) applications.

Additional technical characteristics to the biocide regulation

Along with the ecological aspect, the MIT-free pigment preparations have other advantages, including:

  • Extremely fine pigment distribution
  • Wide range of decorative colours for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Xfast® stir-in pigments can also be gravimetrically dosed using the innovative Xfast® POS dispenser.
  • Luconyl® NG products are also available in a practical 1-litre package for gravimetric and volumetric dosing in POS liquid dispensers.
  • Stringent specifications and products with low pigment concentration for shading
  • Precision for your colour, even in pale shades

Our expert

Daniel Müller has worked in chemical product sales for 25 years. After positions at Ecolab and Merck, the Sales Consultant has worked in the Pigment Preparation department at BTC Europe since 2011. As Senior Market Development Manager, he is responsible for the sale of advanced pigment preparations in compliance with the recognised eco labels and biocide regulations. “My goal is to create long-term and sustainable relations with our customers. Safe, easy and honest.”

You can find additional information about Xfast® and Luconyl® NG in the corresponding One Pagers in the Download Centre and in the Solution Finder under the applications Pigments and pigment preparations > for architectural coatings and Pigments and pigment preparations > for wood paints and coatings. Here you can also contact your local BTC partner directly.

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