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World Congress of Vine and Wine in Mainz - See our innovative product!

What better place to find out what drives the global wine industry than at the annual world congress of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV)? This year, the event will be held in Germany for the third time – from 5th to 10th July 2015 at the Rheingoldhalle in Mainz. Wine producers of all sizes from around the world will be among the guests, as well as representatives from scientific and political associations. BTC and BASF are also set to make an appearance on Tuesday (7th) and Wednesday (8th). Sascha Christ from the Human Nutrition sales team will be on hand to answer customer queries and present a highly innovative product: Divergan® HM. The product is ideal when it comes to preventing wine defects that can be caused by the presence of metals such as copper, iron and manganese. Divergan® HM is expected to be approved by the EU for use in food in late July. 

Protection against flavour defects, ageing and clouding

“Divergan® HM effectively prevents a metallic, bitter taste in wines, stops ageing and suppresses oxidative processes,” says Dr Moritz Pöschl, Head of Sales Human Nutrition, Europe. Metals can get into the wine in a variety of ways: via the soil, from fermentation containers or by being deliberately added. Some metals are bound by the yeast that is added for fermentation; but this bonding reaction prevents the optimum fermentation process from taking place. Divergan® HM stops this. It adsorbs not only metals, but also a certain proportion of the polyphenols from the wines – these can make the wine become cloudy or discoloured after ageing.

Arrange an appointment in advance

“With Divergan® HM, we want to contribute to the topic of “Progress and Responsibility” – the theme of this year's wine congress,” says Pöschl. “Our processing auxiliaries use an innovative method to retain the taste standard created by the winemakers’ elaborate work. It also paves the way for cultivation in regions that were previously not suitable for wine growing due to the soil's high concentration of metals.” Congress participants who want to find out more about the product can arrange an appointment in advance by sending an email to sascha.christ(at)btc-europe.com. “Direct contact to the customer on site is not just a service, but the essence of the BTC brand. It gives us the opportunity to adjust our product portfolio to market requirements in the best possible way,” says Christ.

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