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Dispersing agents

BTC Europe sells and markets the full range of BASF dispersing agents as well as selected complementary 3rd party dispersing agents.

Sokalan® types are watersoluble polymers based on the monomers acrylic acid, maleic acide, vinyl pyrrolidon, vinyl imidazole and hydrophobic olefins. The product group is predominantly used in detergents and cleaners, but also in many technical applications. The Tamol® N types are sodium salts of naphthalenesulphonic acid condensation products.

Sokalan CP types for the paper production

Sokalan CP types are used to stabilize pigments in paper and board coating. See also our industry Paper and Board industry.

Compatible products to our dispersing agents

Our Sokalan® and Tamol® can be used advantageously in combination with other BTC product ranges such as Trilon® or Lutensol®. See our product lines Complexing Agents and Surfactants.