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Feed supplements & ingredients

BTC offers a broad portfolio of feed additives for the premix, basemix and compound feed industry but also for pet food producers. This includes micronutrients, colourants, digestibility enhancers, preservatives, and silage additives.

Product safety and efficacy are at the centre of all our activities. Our feed additives help our customers to produce feed for economically efficient and sustainable animal breeding. 

Our range of feed additives covers applications such as

  • Vitamins for all animal species;
  • Carotenoids for egg yolk, salmon meat and shrimp pigmentation;
  • Enzymes for poultry and pig feed to increase digestibility of phytate or to reduce antinutritive effects of non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs);
  • Organic acids which can be used for feed preservation or as silage additives;
  • Diformates such as Formi and Formi NDF for pig and poultry feeding;
  • Omega–6fatty acids in various formulations for dairy, pig or dog feed;
  • Supplement feed based on Omega–6fatty acids for dairy cows;
  • Clay products as anti-caking agent for feedstuffs;
  • Other feed additives such as 1,2-Propanediol and Choline Chloride;
Animal nutrition 1 - BTC
Animal nutrition 2 - BTC

Compatible products to our animal nutrition products

Our animal nutrition products, especially feed preservatives, can be used advantageously on animal farms in combination with other BTC products like biocides.

Industry-specific solutions

Customers from different industries have different requirements and needs. BTC‘s in–depth industry knowledge is the basis for tailor-made solutions for our customers in terms of profitability and quality.
For further information please contact your responsible BTC experts.