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Finished lubes

BTC’s new product line finished lubricants is specifially designed to fulfil the requirements of producers of commercial vehicles in the automotive industry. Seal life, gear wear, oil life and fluid oxidation are the key paramenters to ensure optimal performance in combination with long warrenties. BTC’s customers benefit from improved energy efficiency, which results in decreased CO2 emissions and reduced fuel consumption. BTC’s finished lubricants are a new class of synthetic lubricants fulfiling the requirements of state-of-the-art sustainable technologies.

The environmental compatibility of our finished lubes is due to their biodegradability which has been proven to a high degree.

  • Our ProEco® series was certified for its excellent environmental compatibility with the EU-Ecolabel, assigned by the German ministry of environment.
  • The Emgard® axle lubricants are providing maximum component life and enhancement of service life.
  • Plurasafe® gear lubes reduce oil and energy consumption and oil disposal costs.
  • Plurasafe® fire-resistant hydraulic fluids meet the Factory Mutual specifications as well as the requirements of the 7th Luxembourg Report of the European Mines Safety Commission.
  • Plurasafe® types compressor fluids have been approved by Burckhardt Compresssion AG, National Science Foundation (NSF) registered, and Linde AG.

Due to the low toxicity of the finished lubes the labelling is mostly not required at all. Depending on regional legal requirements they might be classified in the low-hazard category.

Compatible products to our finished lubes

Our finished lubricants can be used advantageously in combination with our BTC product range automotive chemicals. complexing agents

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