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Optical effect chemicals

BTC supplies small and medium sized customers with innovative BASF optical effect chemicals. Together with our customers we develop tailor-made solutions and on demand we support our customers in all laboratory and application-related questions.

Our optical effect chemicals have found a very broad use in the chemical industry. Especially optical brighteners (sometimes called fluorescent whitening agents) are often applied in textiles, coatings, soaps, detergents, paper or plastics. BTC’s optical effect chemicals cover the following applications, besides others

  • They are used as markers, as security feature or to improve the appearance of finished articles.
  • They improve the initial colour of finished goods by masking an inherent yellowness of base materials.
  • They allow for the production of brilliant “more than white” end use articles and they increase the brilliancy of coloured goods.

Compatible products to our optical effect chemicals

Our optical effect chemicals can be used advantageously in combination with our BTC product ranges for the plastics industry; colourants, light stabilizers and antioxidants for plastics.

Industry-specific solutions

Customers from different industries have different requirements and needs. BTC‘s in–depth industry knowledge is the basis for tailor-made solutions for our customers in terms of profitability and quality. For further information please contact your responsible BTC experts.