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Polar solvents & plasticisers

Polar solvents are oxygenated solvents consisting of product families like Butoxies, Butylglycol, Acetates, Propanol and Aldehydes.

BTC’s polar solvents and plasticisers are used in a wide range of different fields, including

  • paints and coatings,
  • pharmaceutical active ingredients,
  • flavour chemicals,
  • agriculture products,
  • home care products,
  • printing inks,
  • adhesives,
  • personal care products.

The BTC team and its expertise offer customers comprehensive advice that also extends to other formulation ingredients, including colourants, binding agents, reactives and all types of additives.

0Compatible products to our polar solvents

Some of our polar solvents and plasticisers can be used to coalesce our Acronal® and Joncryl® dispersions in order to reach best properties of film forming and glass transition temperatures.

Some of our Solvenon® types can be combined with our Sicocer® pigments for ceramics and other sustainable solvents like Emulan® to formulate advanced digital inks for ceramic applications.