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Asphalt industry

BTC supplies the asphalt industry with high quality asphalt modifiers. Our Butonal® SBR polymers (styrene-butadiene rubber) for asphalt modification are manufactured in a highly automated state-of-the-art facility, ensuring consistently high quality. The products are successfully used in both hot mix and asphalt emulsions applications, both domestically and globally.

Hot mix asphalt

BASF Butonal® polymers have long been a leader in asphalt modification. Our Butonal® polymers greatly enhance hot mix asphalt performance including the production of performance graded asphalts. Modification with these elastomers widens the asphalt’s useful temperature interval to improve resistance to rutting at high temperatures and decrease the susceptibility to thermal cracking at low temperatures. The resulting binder also displays superb resilience to improve the pavement’s fatigue behaviour diminishing the cracking attributed to wear and use. All of these performance benefits are attained easily as Butonal® polymers are readily dispersible into the asphalt without the need for high shear milling, with the flexibility to be added to both the asphalt binder or final mix.

Chip seal and surface dressings

BASF Butonal® polymers have set new chip seal performance standards. Highly efficient, enhancing both early and long-term performance in chip seal systems. They are easily dispersible into asphalt emulsions and can be added to the soap solution or co-milled along with the soap or directly injected into the asphalt line during milling. Research shows that it is imperative that the polymer is in the water phase of the emulsion to attain maximum benefit and Butonal® polymers make this possible. Upon curing they form a continuous phase modifying the asphalt binder in situ. This network positively affects the binder’s early strength development to greatly improve early aggregate adhesion immediately upon placement. The resulting chip seal experiences a drastic reduction of aggregate loss in the first hours of application.As time passes, the increased strength and elastomeric nature of the SBR polymer network imparts tremendous resistance to fatigue and reduces the loss of aggregate over the long-term, extending the life of the surface treatment. 

Slurry seal and micro-surfacing

BASF Butonal® polymers are also an important component in modified slurry seal and micro-surfacing applications. As in other emulsion systems, the SBR polymer dispersed into the water phase forms a continuous polymer network upon curing. This results in the formation of bi-continuous phases of asphalt and polymer. The asphalt provides adhesion and desired hardness, while the SBR network provides strength and elasticity. This composite binder formed in slurry seal and microsurfacingsystems with Butonal® polymers exhibits improved strength development, resilience, and high temperature performance, as well as a drastic reduction in abrasion loss. The polymer modification also allows for increased binder film thickness that allows for thicker lifts such as rut-fill applications. BASF Butonal® polymers are easily dispersible into slurry seal and micro-surfacing emulsions and can be added to the soap phase or co-milled into the soap or asphalt line upon production.