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Automotive & industrial coatings industry

Deco Applications

BTC Europe supplies a wide range of organic and inorganic chromatic pigments in all grades and prices ranges for the pigmentation of architectural finishes and emulsion paints. The pigments are available in powder form or as preparations for water-based and solvent-based systems. BTC also offers soluble dyes in powder or liquid form for wood varnish stains.

Industry Applications (Wood, metal and other substrates)

BTC’s range includes organic and inorganic chromatic pigments for high-quality, cost-effective pigmentation of industrial finishes. BTC offers customized solutions for every requirement, including matching systems. To round off the range, we have dyes and effect pigments for effect finishes, and special ranges of pigments for coil coatings and colourants for powder coatings.

Resins for industrial coatings

BTC’s resins for industrial coatings cover a wide variety of applications. The Basonat® product line provides you with polyisocyanates for two component systems; highly resistant baking varnishes may be formulated based on our Luwipal® products. The Laromer® and Lucirin® product range provides low VOC raw materials for the environmentally friendly radiation curing technology. Conservation of your valuable industrial goods and protection against corrosion is offered by our Laroflex® products.

Wood Applications

Wood finishes protect wood and enhance its natural beauty. The demands on raw materials used in wood finishes have never been higher. At the same time, environmental protection has become a key aspect in marketing. Product innovation is one of the strengths of BTC"s performance chemicals for coatings, a strength that benefits our business partners through a sound competitive base for the future.

BASF is focusing its technical resources on developing products for the coatings of tomorrow:

  • Coatings that require little energy to cure
  • Coatings that emit low levels of volatile organic compounds, or none at all
  • A broad and diverse range of colourants and binders

Automotive Applications

BTC Europe supplies high-quality organic and inorganic pigments for colouring automotive finishes (OEM and refinishes, solid and effect colours). Our effect pigments provide the designer with new dimensions for producing innovative colour plays. We produce colourants of consistent quality with narrow tolerances. Our products are part of the Colourants Operating Division, which is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Resins for automotive coatings

For the formulation of automotive coatings BASF offers a large and balanced product range. As a member of BASF group, BTC Europe is a competent partner of the coatings industry, supplying you with raw materials for OEM and refinish coatings. As a representative of the business unit Performance Chemicals for Coatings, BTC concentrates coating know-how to provide solutions for our customers.