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Composites industry

Our special chemicals with added values for the composites industry

BTC understands the needs of the composites industry and knows how we can help our customers in all kind of applications.

  • Our solutions for thermoset composites cover the major ones like unsaturated polyester, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylics and UV systems.
  • Our broad technology base of formulation and performance additives, vinyl and acrylic monomers, resins, and colourants help enable performance-driven solutions.
  • All kind of thermoset composites industry requirements, from aerospace to transportation, automotive, energy, sports and military are covered.
  • Our portfolio is adapted to all kind of application technics: Gelcoat & Putties, Sheet Molding Compounds (SMC), Bulk Molding Compounds (BMC), Pultrusion, Laminating & Casting.

Formulation Additives for Thermoset Composites

Formulation additives impart the optimization of thermoset composites properties by enhancing adhesion, rheology and wetting abilities. BTC’s formulation additives for the thermoset composites comprise of air release agents, wetting and dispersing agents, flow and levelling agents and slip agents.

Air Release Agents

Entrapped air in the thermoset composites matrix affects negatively the composites properties, besides others the porosity, the osmose and the mechanical properties.
Efka® air release agents – properties & applications

Low to Medium Molecular Weight Dispersants

The use of dispersing agents results in increased filler, pigment loading, reduced viscosity and improved flow, increased colour strength and a stable dispersion of the compound.

High Molecular Weight Dispersants

The use of polymeric dispersants results in increased pigment loading and reduced viscosity while improving the flow behaviour, increased colour strength and a stable dispersion compound.

Substrate Wetting Agents and Surface Modifiers

For thermoset composites wetting agents and surface modifiers are used to prevent surface defects during the application of the compound or to optimize the profile of the dry surface.
Efka® wetting agents and surface modifiers – properties & applications

Performance Additives for Thermoset Composites

Performance additives assist organic substrates such as composites which are exposed to a variety of environmental and artificial factors like radiation, humidity, temperature change, microbiological attack, air pollution and more.
Efka® performance additives – properties & applications

Chemical Intermediates for the Composites Industry

Styrene reduction is an important topic in the composites industry; vinyl monomers can replace a part of it by up to 20 %. Formulators need to balance between the different vinyl monomers of the range by mixing them to obtain the properties expected. Vinyl monomers are used in unsaturated polyester glass fiber reinforced, besides others.
BTC’s chemical intermediates for composites – properties & applications

Colourants for Composites

From solar heat management to eco-friendly lead replacement technologies, our organic and inorganic pigments and dyes help you meet your functional and environmental aims without compromising technical performance.
BTC’s colourants for composites – properties & applications

Resins for Thermoset Composites

Thermoset composites consist of a matrix, the thermoset resin and reinforcements. Thermosets are reactive systems like unsaturated polyester, epoxy, polyurethane, acrylics and UV systems. For all types of thermoset composites BTC provides the appropriate solution.
BTC’s resins for thermoset composites – properties & applications

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