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Detergents & cleaners industry

BTC Europe’s broad range of BASF speciality chemicals helps the detergents and cleaners  Industry actively to optimise the properties of their products constantly. In a spirit of partnership we support you with professional advice in all technological and ecological questions as you develop innovative products. For laundry detergents, for example, this means greater washing power in spite of biodegradability and the protection of dyes and fibres. Cleaning agents should be strong in dealing with dirt, but gentle on the environment and on surfaces.

We offer you the know-how for finishing and protecting materials, keeping water cycles clean and for obtaining valuable drinking water from sea water. Together with you, we can develop individualised solutions so you are always one step ahead of the growing demands. The Detergent and cleaners industry includes the following applications:

  • Household laundry detergents
  • Industrial laundry detergents
  • Cleaning agents for hard surfaces
  • Industrial and commercial cleaning agents
  • Products providing care and protection
  • Soaps

For all applications BTC has the right product for you.