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Electrical & Electronics

Throughout the world, customers from the Electroplating and Electronics Industries use BTC's extensive range of BASF speciality chemicals. In electroplating they contribute to reliable protection against corrosion damage and mechanical strain – or they may provide a decorative surface finish. They help to produce perfect results when the objective is to protect and upgrade material surfaces of whatever form and size.

Our additives for the electronic chemicals industry are used in the manufacture of high sensitivity printed circuit boards and as basic components for the manufacture of fluxes for the hot-air levelling process.

Chemicals for plating and finishing for the electroplating supply industry

Metallic and non-metallic surfaces can be plated with metal in order to modify their properties. Very complex metal components, which can be microscopic in size, can be manufactured by electroforming techniques. The most important reason for plating the surfaces of components is to increase their resistance to corrosion and to prolong their working life.

Inexpensive base metal can be plated with a more noble metal in order to give it a more decorative appearance and a longer working life.

We at BTC Europe supply a very wide range of specialty chemicals for formulating electroplating baths. The specialty chemicals help the formulators in the electroplating industry to get the best out of their products.